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All tyre manufacturers are unanimous: "The use of puncture SECUDIS treatment is not likely to jeopardize the guarantee of the tyre."

A large manufacturer agreed to put at our disposal the most modern means they have to evaluate the behaviour of a tyre. For a month, a tyre was placed under observation in the laboratory. It was subjected to various tests to simulate accelerated ageing. It was successively placed in very cold atmosphere and very wet and very dry and under an "artificial sun". The oxidation was monitored at each step.

Result : No trace of oxidation. SECUDIS is chemically neutral relative to the tyre before and after the puncture and the secudis instant repair. SECUDIS does not alter the membrane of the tyre or the metal structure of the tyre.

Because of this, installing SECUDIS will not invalidate the tyres' guarantee

" SECUDIS puncture prevention should be considered as a safety assurance and comfort."

At a time when vehicle manufacturers are eliminating spare wheels or patties (provisional wheels), SECUDIS brings "THE SOLUTION".