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Save money


SECUDIS saves you money in three ways :

- Eliminates premature tyre replacement due to puncture

- Eliminates excessive fuel consumption due to incorrect tyre pressure - insufficient tyre pressure is the main cause of excessive fuel consumption... a drop in tyre pressure will cause overheating of the tyre & higher rolling resistance - fuel consumption can increase by up to 6% for every wheel that is under-inflated

- Minimise tread wear - Under-inflated tyres loose up to 25% more rubber per mile than correctly inflated tyres. A very under-inflated tyre will 'scrub' the road surface and can wear up to twice as fast as one correctly inflated.

Surveys repeatedly show that a large proportion of all vehicles are driven with under-inflated tyres. Research by Michelin suggests that poor tyre pressure maintenance is costing UK motorists more than £440million, wasting more than 370 million litres of fuel and pumping an additional 1 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Vehicles protected by SECUDIS can do without a spare wheel which can reduce weight by 20-30Kg, which corresponds to a volume of about 80 litres and some additional fuel savings, and could make space for a wheel-well mounted bass speaker, LPG tank or secure storage compartment.